Terms & Conditions
Husky Tree Services LLC
Last updated: January 1st, 2024

Please carefully review the following terms and conditions, applicable to each job undertaken by Husky Tree Services, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

By engaging the services of Husky Tree Services LLC, both parties, namely Husky Tree Services and the authorizing party (customer and/or customer’s agent), agree to the following contractual provisions:

  1. Completion of Contract: Husky Tree Services commits to making its best efforts to meet agreed-upon performance dates. However, the company shall not be held liable for delays due to inclement weather, labor issues, or any unforeseen circumstances beyond its control. The authorizing party is not relieved of completion responsibilities for such delays.
  2. Safety: Husky Tree Services guarantees that all arboricultural operations will adhere to industry safety standards. The authorizing party agrees not to enter the work area during arboricultural operations without explicit authorization from the on-site crew leader.
  3. Media Release: Husky Tree Services may capture pictures, videos, and/or sound during jobs for training and promotional purposes. By engaging our services, the authorizing party grants us the right to use, publish, and reproduce such media in any format for promotional activities, waiving any associated payment rights.
  4. Permits: The responsibility for obtaining permits rests with the authorizing party unless explicitly contracted otherwise, incurring additional fees if undertaken by Husky Tree Services.
  5. Contract Documents: The contract comprises these Terms and Conditions, the Quote, any quote revisions/add-ons, and the invoices collectively.
  6. Change Orders: Additional work may be added or subtracted from the scope of work through revised quoting provided by Husky Tree Services, with the customer assuming responsibility for payment. Any scope of work not listed in signed quote will be subject to additional charges.
  7. Insurance: Husky Tree Services is fully insured, and employees are covered by workers’ compensation. Proof of insurance is available upon request.
  8. Minimum Visit Charge: A minimum charge of $400 applies to all tree services performed by Husky Tree Services.
  9. Tree Ownership: The customer warrants accurate tree ownership information, indemnifying Husky Tree Services for any incurred damages due to misidentification.
  10. Work Zone: Customer warrants access to the work zone, either on their property or with full permission from the property owner.
  11. Stump and Root Grinding/Removal: Stump grinding depth is 6-8 inches unless specified otherwise. Additional services are not included unless explicitly listed with a corresponding rate.
  12. Clean Up: in the presence of obstacles like snow or other weather elements, we are committed to clearing everything that is visible to the best of our ability. Please note that if there is frozen or unmanageable debris, we are not liable to return for cleanup. If you require all debris to be cleared, kindly schedule your job when all elements are unfrozen and visible.
  13. Post Work Zone Condition: Husky Tree Services will clear debris from the work zone and rake the site, excluding excess sawdust unless otherwise agreed.
  14. Locates: Customers must inform about buried lines not covered by Wisconsin’s Diggers Hotline. Husky Tree Services is not responsible for unseen buried lines.
  15. Customer’s Work Zone Responsibilities: Customers agree not to enter the work zone during operations and ensure a clear work zone.
  16. Delays/Costs Due to Customer Failure: Customer is responsible for additional costs caused by unforeseen conditions or delays due to customer failure.
  17. Lawn & Surfaces Damage/Repair: Husky Tree Services minimizes disturbances but is not liable for damages beyond their control.
  18. Working with Nature: No guarantees are provided for trees, plants, or general landscape safety, health, or condition.
  19. Payment: 20% down payment is required in order for job to be booked. Remainder of payment is due immediately upon job completion. Late payments incur a $200 fee plus 5% interest per month.
  20. Customer Cancellation: Cancellation with less than 48 hours’ notice may incur fees, especially if a crew has been dispatched.
  21. Insurance/Indemnity: Husky Tree Services holds insurance for injury or property damage caused by its negligence. The customer indemnifies the company for any related expenses. Damages claims must be made within six months of work completion. The customer cannot seek damages exceeding Husky Tree Services’ applicable policy liability.